Ud Web / Oud Web is no longer maintained

This URL was the location of what I described as:
"The Ud (Oud), its players and recordings ... a non-commercial, independent website created to help you find out more about this beautiful instrument."
It was a type of webpage that became popular on the Internet around 1996: a list of links to interesting information, that one wanted to share with others. No products for sale, no advertisements, just info, lots of info.

The webpage existed from 1998 to 2008, with a last update in 2005. It was even listed on the Wikipedia webpage about the oud.

I am no longer able to do the necessary maintenance for this website. The list of links to be added and then checked regularly was becoming too large. The good news is that there are many more websites that provide information about the ud.

Try these as a starting point:
Mike's Oud Website
The Oud (by Davis Parfitt)

Gregor Schaefer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Write an e-mail to Gregor (in English, German or Dutch): udweb "at" gregorschaefer "dot" com

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